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Your Opportunity

You know there's opportunity but you aren't sure of the solution. TagOne can answer to these questions by connecting your business goal with your needs to reveal the best way. 

In general, we do not have good enough resources to achieve the goal. Globalism also bring complexity and competition in business. Design is no longer enough to give brands the innovation edge. Depending who you ask, current product success rates are fifty percent at best. And success rates for new businesses hover around twenty-five percent.

TagOne's approach with a unique combination of creativity and business acumen, is the same regardless of timeline. Our practice is centered on “people thinking” and “business thinking.” Design thinking is no longer enough to give brands the innovation edge.

Good strategy doesn’t depend on the quantity of available knowledge, information, and data — it depends on a contextual understanding of that information. Primary and secondary research data will always serve up unique perspectives and insights. What’s key is the know-how to choose the most relevant tools to connect the dots between those data points.

We start with understanding clients and their customers. Qualitative research reveals what’s preventing users from having the ideal product experience. Data about customer actions, motivations, emotions, and uncertainties help frame meaningful problems. This points to new product concepts that will address the unmet user needs that are most important to your target markets. At every phase in the design and innovation strategy process, our team skillfully and efficiently employs both design thinking and business analysis tools to turn ambiguity into an actionable plan. Therefore, our clients receive actionable recommendations alongside strategic roadmaps.

Market Innovation: We develop new products or services sparked by the discovery of adjacent and emerging market opportunities. Deliverables include Product and Brand Strategy, Market Diversification and Line Expansion, and Visual Brand Language.

Technological Innovation: We develop new products or services that integrate complementary and emerging technologies. Deliverables include Technology Scouting and Assessment, Proof of Concept Prototype Development, and Feature Roadmaps.

Please tell us what kind of innovation do you have in your sights. What’s your innovation timeline? Once we understand your unique business challenges and objectives, we can focus your innovation efforts and position you for success.

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